The boys at Hoonigan Industries are no strangers to unique and challenging car builds. Usually featuring custom frames, and always sporting the beefiest drivetrains, their latest entry sees Mopar's flagship Hellcat engine, mated to a '78 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow body.

Of course, the internals of a 44-year-old English, classic car would disintegrate under the power the Hemi V8 creates, so it took some creative engineering, a lot of hours with a welder's mask on, and the patience of an ancient monk.

The result is nothing short of spectacular, as the talent, the engineers of Build Biology possess, is on full display. Featuring aftermarket tuning, custom-built tube chassis, and a heap of one-off built parts, this Rolls can not only transport its passengers in comfort, but with a sense of panache among the basic car builds at the local car show.

A Hellcrate Into A Shadow And A Magnuson Supercharger

By now, you're probably aware, Mopar has opened up the door to its engineering department by offering "The Hellcrate." Quite literally, a Hellcat engine stuffed into a wooden crate, the Hellcrate went on sale in 2017, as an aftermarket option direct from the factory. But the stock Hellcat engine would not suffice for the gentlemen at Hoonigan because they found it necessary to remove the factory supercharger, and bolt-on Magnuson's TVS2650R supercharger, like the mad-men they are.

With the upgrade to the supercharger unit, the 707 horsepower the Hellcat engine usually creates, shot up to "somewhere between 850-900" horsepower, Suppy of Hoonigan, recollects. Which seems to be a conservative estimate because according to Magnuson, the supercharger can make over 1,000 horsepower on a stock fuel system, and a face-melting 1,400 horsepower with upgraded fuel systems.

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The Art Morrison, Tubed Chassis Is A Work Of Engineering Genius

Roll-Royce Hoonigan Build
Via: YouTube - Hoonigan

Now you may be wondering, "how can they just stuff a 6.2-liter Hemi into a 45-year-old Rolls-Royce?" And the answer is, they can't. In order to get the 500 lb motor in a position to not only keep the integrity of the engine, but the body as well, Hoonigan grafted a custom front-end and rear-end (both supplied by Art Morrison), together and welded tube-frame reinforcement to the chassis.

Essentially, dropping a Rolls-Royce shell, onto a complete one-off build, custom chassis. Literally, every component of the chassis is custom-built to not only withstand the weight of the engine, but the extreme duress it will endure under the possession of Hoonigan.

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Although more widely recognized for their wild antics after completion of the build, it's truly jaw-dropping to see the passion, effort, and talent these engineers possess. Leaving no stone unturned, the attention to detail has to be the best characteristic this Rolls-Royce owns (just don't tell the Hellcat engine we said that).

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