For the previous 16 years, the historic Bader Field has seen its future frozen in limbo. As one of the most prized piece of parcels available in the country, the oceanfront territory has seen numerous unsuccessful bids over the years that have resulted in an inflated price tag, and a city's unwillingness to budge.

That is, until Atlantic City received DEEM Enterprises' recent proposal. In what they claim will bring jobs, stabilization to the local economy, and climate combating measures, the Los Angeles and Atlantic City based company plans to create the ultimate haven for motorsport and car enthusiasts. Using the abandoned airfield, the private company intends to capitalize on the latest trend in motorsport: the country club environment.

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Proposed Details Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Project

In what current Mayor, Marty Small, cites as "the most credible proposal that this city has seen for Bader Field," Atlantic City based, DEEM Enterprises and their $2.7 billion project hope to create a motor sports community. Consisting of a 4 kilometer public racetrack, DEEM plans to include 2,000 units of housing, retail shopping, and other auto-themed attractions.

Atlantic City Attorney, Dan Gallagher (one of DEEM's partners), made the conscious effort to include every Millennial buzzword when stating, "This is about sustainability, jobs, green energy. It checks all the boxes." Michael Binder, another of DEEM's principal members, also discussed the site's intention to raise its elevation, quite literally.

As a means of combating rising sea levels, the project plans to benefit from a U.S. Army waterway dredging project. To further drive the point home, the project includes plans to utilize geothermal wells for heating and cooling, and development of its own hydrogen-powered electrical grid. DEEM claims the project will also include 1,500 permanent jobs, and affordable workforce housing. Other amenities will include: a hotel, 4,000-seat amphitheater, automotive museum, an eSports facility, and of course, a sportsbook that will utilize one of the city's existing casino licenses.

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The Project's Timeline

With the fate of the project lying in the hands of New Jersey's Department of Community Affairs, Binder estimates a 10-year timeline for completion, after employing various clean-energy incentives from the federal and state government.

It will be interesting to see the flexibility of DEEM, Atlantic City, and the multi-billion dollar project with the U.S. set to ban all gas-powered cars by 2035, just a mere 13 years away.

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