The Luxury SUV market has been a lucrative one for years now. An increasing number of consumers have desired luxury vehicles that aren't only big, but also bold, and no other segment seem better equipped to deliver such vehicles than the full-size luxury SUV. This segment came in vogue in the late 1990s and has literally exploded ever since. Also, automakers are happy to comply with this trend because the vehicles in this segment earn them bigger paycheck than others.

One of the SUVs that pioneered this segment is the Lexus LX. Closely based off the Toyota Land Cruiser, it came to our shores for the 1996 model year. In the 25 years since its arrival, the LX has aged like a fine wine, and you can’t go wrong with any iteration of the brand. There are several attributes that make the LX so great, and you don’t have to dig too deep to see how this large luxury SUV differentiates itself from the pack.

Hence, here are the attributes that help the Lexus LX edge out most of its competitors.

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The Lexus LX Is An Amazing Body On Frame Luxury Vehicle

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Over the years, the vehicles in this segment have been moving away from body on frame platforms to accommodate a plusher ride with a more quiet cabin. The remaining vehicles that have stayed on body on frame truck-based platforms like the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade have become relatively soft over the years. However, this isn't the case with the Lexus LX. Irrespective of the year model of the LX you desire, all the models are immensely capable.

Lexus has demonstrated the off-road prowess of the LX many times, through the production of several concepts that were based on this trail-eager vehicle. Notably, popular off-road events like the Rebelle Rally has been no stranger to the LX.

The LX stands in contrast to many of its competitors that do not excel going off the pavement. Looking at rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz GLS or Cadillac Escalade, we see that their relatively low ground clearance and oversized rims among other factors do not make these prime choices as luxury off-roaders.

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The Lexus LX Is Incredibly Reliable And Can Go The Distance

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Just as the Land Cruiser, the Lexus LX is engineered to last at least 25 years – much longer than any of its competitors. Most versions of the LX come with a 5.7-liter V8 that has a power output rating of about 380 horsepower. Remarkably, this engine has often been described as "bulletproof" for the incredible amount of miles that can be put on it with no issues.

For several LX's rivals, there's always the need for constant maintenance to enable them to go the distance, while the schedule for such maintenance even become more frequent as they get older. A quick online search for LX vehicles that have been listed for sale will return numerous options around the 200,000 miles mark or at least above 100,000 miles. Many enthusiasts of the LX considers those as bargains, as there are also many examples that are approaching the half a million miles mark.

There are numerous SUV brands out there that provide the ultimate luxury package. However, they can feel somewhat one dimensional when compared to the Lexus LX that gives so much more than these brands. The LX can comfortably crawl over rocks while still coddling you in its soft leather seats. The dependability of the LX will ensure it remains in your garage instead of the local mechanic’s garage. All the charm that the LX first demonstrated in 1996 is still apparent today, and it's still more than enough.

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