While it must be said that the first-gen Porsche Cayenne is not the best-looking car to come out of Stuttgart, its impact on the Porsche lineup is huge. The first SUV for a brand known only for making sports cars set the tone for what was to follow from the German marque in the years to come.

Now, unfortunately, the Cayenne has not aged as gracefully as other modern classics of its era, but it's having a bit of a resurge at the moment, and it seems to be becoming somewhat collectible. And as ever with the Porsche Classic team, they were quick to see this, as they have recently added it to their Classic fleet, showcasing a host of parts and resto-mods for the first-gen cayenne. Porsche Classic has given it the full makeover. It benefits from a host of cosmetic and technological features that bring this clunky-looking SUV right up to date.

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What Is Porsche Classic?


Porsche Classic is what a cobbler is to a well-aged pair of Gucci loafers. It takes the already beautifully crafted piece of design that is in need of some sympathetic restoration and gives it the tools it needs to perform in the present day. The same way the cobbler may fit a set of Vibram rubber soles on your loafers, Porsche has fitted a host of features to ensure that the cayenne is up for the job.

You may have seen some of Porsche Classics work, from factory restoring a beautiful 1956 356 Speedster to having a huge catalog providing genuine OEM Porsche parts for your Classic car needs. They also offer updates on navigation systems, making them much more suitable for everyday use. Most of us love the idea of being able to daily drive a modern classic, the only thing letting it down is the dated infotainment, now Porsche classic is there to help with that.

The Porsche Classic Cayenne

Via Porsche AG

The first-gen Porsche Cayenne has been officially given "Classic" status amongst the Porsche line-up. This now means the ability to order Porsche-built parts and components to refresh your vehicle is available to all. For some, this just allows an easier and reliable way of replacing worn parts, but for others, it has opened a whole new lease of life for the cayenne.

Porsche has showcased this with the unveiling of a set of rally-inspired liveries that adorn some first-gen Cayennes during a trip to the desert. It's been 18 years since Porsche unveiled the Cayenne to the world, and it's fair to say that things have moved on considerably since, but Porsche believes in their product and will do their best to make sure they stand the test of time.

The Cayenne today is a bit of a chameleon. Being able to break Nürburgring lap records, be kitted out for Overlanding and off-roading, and even makes a great project car for one of the HotCars team. Now, with the help from the Porsche Classic department, a long and fortuitous future lays ahead for the first-gen Cayenne.

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