Electric vehicle conversions are starting to become common news. With the availability of proven electric motors and batteries, as well as other related components, shops and garages are converting conventionally powered cars into EVs.

Throtl recently converted a Nissan 350z into a Tesla Z. But their work isn’t over, as they encountered some issues during their first drive on the road.

EV Conversion From Nissan 350z To Tesla Z

Throtl purchased this Nissan 350z in 2019 with the intent of swapping in a 2JZ mill, but nevertheless decided to swap in an electric motor from a Tesla. To install the motor on the 350Z, throtl removed the Nissan subframe and installed one from Tesla. However, this caused fitment issues. To solve them, throtl installed a Liberty Walk widebody kit that includes new front and rear bumpers, a rear ducktail, widened fenders as well as a new hood.

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To ensure that the Nissan 350z can successfully transform into a Tesla Z, throtl spent countless hours of fabrication, customization, and installation. Once the electric motor was finally up and running, the crew proceeded to take the Tesla Z to the road. They had unimaginable happiness once the Tesla Z zoomed on the road. However, the happiness was short-lived due to some expensive mistakes.

A Setback During The First Road Drive

Apparently, when throtl took out the Tesla Z to the road for a test drive, the EV conversion had no proper hood latch. Thus, when Will and Rickie picked up enough speed, the green-wrapped Liberty Walk hood wasn’t able to withstand the wind and flew up. The hood hit the windshield, which didn’t break. However, throtl have to replace the hood and the front fenders.

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Moving on, the throtl crew installed custom hood latches on the Tesla Z. They also used Aero Catch pins to hold the hood. The combination doesn’t just look awesome, but allows anyone to quickly access the bay. Will and Rickie also installed an Accuair air suspension and made a custom mount for an iPad on the center part of the dash.

Launches And Burnouts On Electric Power

Following the installation of the air suspension, throtl took the Tesla Z back to the road for a couple of launches and burnouts. In the process, they tested the power and performance of the Tesla Z with traction control on and off.

The EV looks ready to go, but the throtl crew admitted they still have a lot of work to do.

Source: throtl

Nissan 350Z front third quarter ariel view
Looking Back At The Nissan 350Z
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