With the recent onslaught of electric vehicles coming our way, it's perhaps only natural that we have had a huge amount of drag races with electric cars taking on internal combustion engine cars. The sheer acceleration of EVs makes it an amazing spectacle. This video from Drag Racing and Car Stuff shows a Dodge Challenger Hellcat take on the Tesla Model 3 in some 1/4 mile races for a classic electric vs combustion engine shootout.

A Pair Of Races For The Two Cars

The two cars face off against each other in a pair of drag events. On paper, the Tesla should be able to get off the line quicker and out accelerate the Challenger Hellcat, but the Dodge might well reel the Tesla back in as the runs go on. The first race shows exactly that. The Tesla Model 3 gets a slightly better launch than the Dodge, which, in fairness, had a good getaway. While the Model 3 initially accelerates away, the Dodge reels it back in. By the time the two cars reach the finish, the Dodge has done the run in 11.20 seconds at 124.63 mph. The Model 3 meanwhile, did the run in 11.573 seconds, and topped out at 115.08 mph.

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Second Race Sees A Similar Outcome

Mdeol 3 vs Challenger Hellcat Drag Race Launch
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

That was clearly quite a close race, so the second run should show a similar outcome. As you might expect again, the Tesla Model 3 was able to fire its way off the line incredibly well, looking like it had a better launch than the Dodge this time around. We can just see the Dodge however is able to reel the Tesla back in. But when it comes to the result, the Dodge is only just ahead. Its run time was 11.147 seconds, while the Tesla did it in 11.566 seconds, just shy of beating the Dodge.

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Top Speeds Differ More Than The Timings

Mdeol 3 vs Challenger Hellcat Drag Race Startline
via Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

It's remarkable to see just how different the top speeds were between the two cars. The Dodge, while only beating the Tesla by a few tenths, topped out at 125.23 mph. That is pretty much bang on 10 mph faster than the Tesla, which topped out at 115.22 mph. We don’t know the specs of the Dodge, but the fact none are forthcoming in the video would suggest both cars are pretty stock, which makes this comparison even more interesting.

Source: Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

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