Do you like unusual cars? Well, Jeff Jorgenson certainly does, and so he has a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible in “P-51 Wrap.”

YouTube channel Lou Costabile covered this car and chatted up the owner in an episode of My Car Story, and we admit, this is a story worth telling. Especially since the P-51 Mustang was a USAF long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber that decimated enemies during World War II and more.

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The P51 Mustang Replica Is A Hoot

Right off, you’ll notice the Mustang is a bit of a tri-color. The yellow front, the silver middle, and the bright red behind make this an unmistakable sort of car, the kind you’d notice immediately and remember for most of your life.

It belongs to Jeff Jorgenson, who’s had it since 2014, and he built it for one simple reason — he enjoys unusual cars.

The P-51 Mustang replica is a true-blue ‘Stang and wears not just a P-51 Mustang wrap, but also some humps and hoops, to truly pay homage to the fighter aircraft it tries to emulate. Here’s the P-51 Mustang of the air, for posterity.

Costabile is a fan, and makes it quite apparent with the reverence in his tone, as he introduces Jorgenson from Scottsdale, calling the ‘Stang a car that “reeks of fun.” It is a 1965 Mustang and bears a Coyote V8, tuned to make 600-650 horsepower, and wears Shelby GT500 badging.

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The Details Behind This Unusual Mustang

The Classic 600-HP 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Car Steps Into P-51 Wrap
Via: YouTube channel Lou Costabile

Jorgenson acquired it off eBay and found it interesting enough to add to his collection. Costabile asked Jorgenson what reaction does he get when he drives it, and the owner admits, readily, that he does get a lot of questions about the car and a ton of attention.

Costabile points out the “danger air intake,” side scoops on the door, the bright “65” painted on the rear for the year, and an original gas cap bearing the Cobra motif. The trunk bears humps to stay true to the P-51 look, and door handles are missing because which self-respecting jet has them?

The interiors are really impressive with custom pieces, faux instrumentation for “altitude” and the Carroll Shelby signature on the console. As Costabile asks Larry, one of the guys behind the inspiration of this ‘Stang, to give it a whirl, you hear the engine note. And you know what? It almost matches the P-51 roar. Almost.

Sources: YouTube, Instagram

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