Fancy a home-built mini military T-38? Especially since buying it means you help a charity help kids fighting cancer, leukemia, and more?

In their Glendale 2022 auction, Mecum offers this little gem, and it’s offered at no reserve to get the best of charitable hearts to open their wallets and help some children.

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What Is The Mini T-38?

Home-Built T38 Airplane At Glendale 2022 Mecum Auction
Via: Mecum

First off, what is the T-38? The long-serving T-38 Talon is a twinjet supersonic jet trainer made for the USAF, jointly made by the American aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman. It entered into service in 1961 as the world’s first supersonic trainer, and the USAF built more than 1,180 of these long-lasting jets. More than 72,000 USAF pilots have flown the T-38 since the ‘60s.

That said; this is a mini T-38, as in a model version of the Northrop T-38 2 seat twinjet supersonic jet trainers made by the US Air Force as a recruiting tool in the early 1970s.

The homemade mini T-38 is being sold for charity and the proceeds will go to the Mini Jet Air Force, which is a 501 nonprofit organization. The Mini Jet Air Force takes these Mini Jets to children who are fighting cancer, leukemia or have Down Syndrome, autism, or physical disabilities. The proceeds will help Mini Jet Air Force purchase a new trailer for their newly built F-35, as stated by Mecum Auctions.

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Details On The Homemade Mini T-38

Home-Built T38 Airplane Being Offered Without Reserve At Mecum Glendale 2022 Auction
Via: Mecum

The listing further says that this is the original mini airplane and one of two that exist. It has a sheet metal construction and has a gas engine that does not currently work. The engine is a 5 horsepower overhead valve one, and the little airplane bears the USAF Thunderbird #2 badging and livery.

It has fold-out wingtips and shocks on the front wheel and comes with a custom trailer along with a wheel tow hook for ease of access and mobility. There will be a bill of sale with the plane.

There’s a little seat on the inside, still bearing a red faux-leather upholstery, although the insides of the plane are a little worse for the wear, considering it is almost 50 years old.

The homemade mini T-38 will make a great addition for anyone with an interest in aviation, especially in the United States Air Force. It’s a conversation starter, more so when people realize you bought it for charity.

Source: Mecum

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