With gas prices going skywards, it might be a good time to invest in a car that gives you the most bang for your buck that you spend at the gas station.

If you like your used car buys classic but not flashy, here’s a cool 1988 Ford Festive LX on BarnFinds, guaranteed to delight the economist in you. The seller is in Colbert, Washington, and is asking a rather reasonable price for his darling “little car”.

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First Up, Ford Festiva Who?

1988 Ford Festiva For Sale At eBay
Via: BarnFinds

The Ford Festiva, not the same as Ford Fiesta, was a subcompact car made by Mazda for Ford, that debuted in 1986 and lasted all the way until 2002. That said, in the second-generation that debuted in 1993, the car was now the Ford Aspire and jointly developed by Kia and Ford. As a classic, it’s the Mazda-made cars that are of more interest, considering they are pretty much unstoppable.

This brings us to this eBay listing that describes the car as, “my beautiful little 1988 Ford Festiva LX.”

The seller goes on to say that their car is in exceptional shape and has always been well taken care of inside a garage and never left outside in the winter. They also mention that just last month, “it received new tires, brakes, wheel bearings, spark plugs, cap, rotor wires, transmission fluid change, oil change, air filter, catalytic converter, muffler, fuel pump, and a fuel filter.”

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Detailed Service History And Great Mileage

Front Cabin Of 1988 Ford Festiva LX
Via: BarnFinds

The listed classic also got a new timing belt, water pump, tensioner, coolant flush, V belt, and a carburetor two years ago.

The seller claims, “it runs and drives wonderfully, smooth through all the gears, smooth at highway speeds.”

The car, they allege, has no leaks, knocks, smoke etc. although they do admit that the speedo cable is a little noisy, so it could need lubing. The pictures seem to agree with the seller who claims the car’s inside and body is in great shape with no rust per se, except for the bolts under the hood.

The car’s fuel economy is an impressive 35 mpg, making it quite the econobox. The bid is on for just a few more hours, ending Saturday morning, on March 12, 2022, at 6:13 am. The owner lists it as accident-free, except for minor dings, and is happy to send the engine bay pictures to whosoever asks for it.

Source: BarnFinds

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