Roy R. Sorenson / Editor / Publisher / Photographer

Roy has been a freelance photographer more then half his life. "My works have been featured in Popular Cars, Scale Auto Enthusiast, Street Rodder, FineScale Modeler, Popular HotRodding, American Rodder, DRIVE, and more. Recently Roy has been a regular contributor to FuelCurve.com. Roy says, I've also had work featured in overseas magazines in Japan, and Australia. Though I have to admit I only understood my by-line in the japaneese magazine. There's a great joy in photographing and sharing events, information, etc. with other people and I suspect that I'll be a freelance photo journalist/writer all my life." Roy has published three sucessful magazines in his life time with HOT CARS being his current love. "With the current technology I was able to produce the kind of magazine I wanted, and I was able to get a world wide audience in a very short time"

Roy admits, "I haven't quit my day job as a commercial photographer yet, but I love spending my off time attending car shows and auto races up and down the west coast" Roy is a regular at his two local race tracks; Weather Tech (Laguna Seca) Raceway just south of the San Francisco Bay Area, and Sonoma Raceway just a short drive north. "The two tracks are very different, but booth of them offer some great racing where me and Eric can capture some great action with our cameras." Then there's the fact that three of the biggest, oldest, and most famous car shows in the world happen in California; 1) The Grand National Roadster Show, 2) The Goodguys West Coast Nationals, and 3) The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. "These shows, Roy explains, gives me the opportunity to photograph some of the rarest, most famous, cars in the world and share them with our readers"


Eric Ottoson / Staff Photographer

Eric is one of those photographers who is just as comfortable shooting a picture of a buffalo plowing through the snow in the dead of winter in Yellowstone park, or a GTP car plowing through the dirt on the 'corkscrew' at Laguna Seca. Wherever he might be he has that uncanney eye that captures that moment in time so that we all may experience it!

His love for cars started at an early age when his Uncles would come by the house with the SCCA cars they would road race on the weekends. Eric has been a BIG Mustang fan all his life with one of his first cars being a 1965 Mustang Fastback, and his current ride being a 2011 California special.



Dave Davis / Staff Photographer

"I’ve been into cars as long as I can remember. Matchbox cars were my favorite and I still have most of them in those plastic blue suitcases. My car buddy was into Hot Wheels so we did a lot of trading as kids. Fast forward to high school, my grandmother gave me her 1967 Mustang. She purchased it new from a dealer in Pasadena, CA. That became the learning point for my automotive mechanics. It has a six cylinder engine and probably was the one thing that kept me alive because it had “no soup” as my grandmother would say. I still have that car and cannot sell her. It’s family.

I’ve been taking pictures of cars since I was in high school with my old Kodak Instamatic or Canon AE-1 SLR. I even carried a camera under my car seat so I could shoot pics of rare cars when I was out and about in Southern California. I got tired of saying, “if I only had my camera”. That also lead to shooting signage, store fronts and so on. Basically, I’m interested in vintage mechanical, graphic or architectural elements that have survived the plain wrap strip mall craze.

My interest in cars, art and studying industrial design in college gave me more appreciation for good design in most anything. Opportunity and luck landed me a creative position within the aftermarket automotive industry. All this time, I kept shooting cars and until just a couple of years ago, decided to start freelancing on the side. Although it hasn’t changed my life monetarily, I have met quite a few neat and interesting people along the way."

Neil Van Zile / Copy Editor / Photographer

Neil has been a car geek ever since a friend of his mom's (Connie Hines, who played Wilbur's wife in the "Mister Ed" TV show) took him for a ride in her red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible with a white top. 

He built his first model when he was five. He couldn't read, but he could follow the instructions in the pictures. 

In 1988, he founded the MassCar Model Club. During the 1990's, Neil worked as a motorsports photographer and writer, and was track photographer at New England Dragway and Lebanon Valley Dragway. His work also has appeared in many scale modeling magazines. 

He currently owns a 1968 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. His wife drives a red 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, with a white top.

Lynne Ottoson-Sorenson / Marketing Manager / Photographer

Lynne has been a school teacher most of her life. She's semi retired, teaching as a subsitute in the local school district. Then in 2005 she married our Editor and found out what it was like being married to a gear head! But no worries, Lynne was pretty much a gearhead already. She's own some fun cars in her life, including a Mustang that she restored herself, and a Fiero that she enjoyed driving.

As Marketing Manager Lynne has been a driving force behind HOT CARS ever expanding distribution, and will be assisting in advertising and promotions.

Recently Lynne has picked up a camera and started shooting coverage for us! I might be a little prejudice of my wife's camera work, but she has a great eye to catch things that other photographers might have missed.

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