This is the premier issue of HOT CARS magazine. This magazine is dedicated to all the “Gear Heads” out there who enjoy all forms of motorsports. Whether you enjoy watching Trans Am cars fly through the ‘corkscrew’ at Laguna Seca, or cruising Virginia Street during Hot August Nights, HOT CARS is the magazine for you. In this issue we take you to Hot Rod Week, held each year before the world famous Goodguys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, California. Then we head down the coast for the Monterey Historics for some world class vintage auto racing! Also included in this issue; Our project car get's modern headlights and tail lights, but retains it vintage look (and we update it's radiator). Feature cars are Ron Pippin's "Foothill Flyer" '43 Ford P/U, Giancarlo Cuzic "Miss Molly" '50 Merc. Auto Art is sick looking Barracuda. Our "In-Scale" column takes a look at some fantastic 'mechanical wonders'. This is the issue that started it all! I had a great time putting together this latest issue of HOT CARS. I got to spend some time with some great people. I spent a Saturday morning in Stockton photographing Roger Lee’s dragster and talking with Roger about nostalgia drag racing and model car building. Two of my favorite subjects. Then I got to know Randy Thompson a little better as I spent a Sunday afternoon photographing his amazing truck! Randy DRIVES his truck! He told me some interesting road trip stories. I got to talk with Gary Campesi, an artist I meet through “The HUB’ on the internet. I’ve been a BIG fan of his art work and I’m really happy that he wanted to share his talent with our readers. Our project car gets a new E-Brake and Gas Pedal! Our summer events coverage is a special look at the Goodguys West Coast Nationals! In the last issue we brought you "Hot Rod Week" which is just before the the WCN, now we bring you the show itself.Feature car is Ron Magnuson's Muroc Roadster that won the "America's Most Beautiful Roadster" that year, and Randy Thompson's gorgeous '57 Chevy P/U. Our project car gets it's emegency brake and gas pedal installed. In-Scale is Roger Lee's scratchbuilt brass dragster! We travel to two different tracks to crown two different Indy Champions! Wheel standing action at the Sonoma Division 7 Championship. Then we take you to the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, or how about checking out the Concours De' Lemons! Then we check out the Goodguys Hot Rod Week, including a day of touring rod shops and the 30th Annual West Coast Nationals!
In this issue we take you to the "Grand Daddy" of all car shows, The Grand National Roadster Show! We don't run just two our three pages of tiny photos, no way! This is one of the biggest shows in the country and it desrves big coverage!! Terry Lewis' trick Chevelle is our feature car.Nationaly acclaimed artist Tom Fritz shares some of his art work. We take a shop tour of Dominator Street Rods in Tracy, California. Then spend a day with "BOB" our project car (and a few close friends) and we correct some of the rod shops bad work, and we do a "Budget Brake Upgrade" on Monte Carlo SS. Gale Banks Engineering announces the Gale Banks Automotive Technology Exhibit at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. Feature car is Terry Lewis' amazing "Hatch Back Chevelle". What? you've never heard of a 'hatch back' Chevelle before? What until you see Terry's one-of-a-kind ride!

In this issue we take you to the Cruisin Nationals in Santa Maria, California where nostalgia rods and cool customs cruize the fairgrounds! Then we're back up north for the Historic car races at Sonoma Raceway. We start the gas tank insulation in our project car that turns out to be a waste of time, but we did brush-up on our fabrication skills. feature in our "Auto Art" is Javier Erbella.Our feature car is Lillard Hills wild '34 Ford "Fink Rod"! The "Shop Tour" visits nearby CalFabz when the shop was packed with great projects. Reader's Rides features Ron Garbez's 340 A-100 pick up"It was cold, and raining. My one shoe had a hole in it that I hadn’t discovered until I got to Infenion Raceway. I was holding my new digital camera under my coat, trying to keep the rain off of it. My Levi’s were sopping wet. I was miserable. But then I heard the whine of an Offy motor screaming up the hill towards me. I pulled out the camera, took three or four shots of the vintage Grand Prix car flying by throwing rooster tails of rain off it’s tires! WOW! I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I was to be standing on turn two photographing a Grand Prix car in the rain. No, really, how often does that happen in one’s life? A grin came over my face and I braced myself to shoot the next car to appear over the hill. This was fun." excert from the Sonoma Historics article.

In this issue we take you to my hometown car show, the Castro Valley Car Show! Then we head for Sonoma Raceway for some drifting during the WinterJam! Three great feature cars, Ramon Coria's 1937 Ford Roadster, Roger Blanchar's 1959 Chevy convertible, and Steve Morgan’s 1951 Henry J Custom. We also visit the John Mozart collection and give you an update on our project car, BOB.
In this special edition of HOT CARS magazine we go to the races!! First up is the Rolex Sports Car race that also features the "Race N' Rods" car show at Laguna Seca Raceway. Then we're off to Infinion Raceway in Sonoma for the NHRA Autolite Nationals drag race, that also has a car show. But then, we return to Monterey and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!! We bring you special TEN PAGE coverage from this world famous car show. Dave Lozano shares his Boyd Coddington built '32 Ford Sedan with us, and we check out a painting by Mark Townsend in our Auto Art section. Very cool issue!

BILLETPROOF! One of the 'koolest' car shows on the planet, then off to a Indy car race! Two big how-tos; putting new wood into your old rod, and Vintage Air for your vintage rod! John Pantaleone is our featured artist in this issue with a cool cartoon. We visit Don Triolo and check out his 1932 Ford Collection where we do a feature on his1932 Ford Victoria. Race coverage includes the Indy Car race in Sonoma where Will Power proves once again that he is truly; “King of the Road Courses". The Reader's Rides in this issue is Giancarlo & Barbra Cruiz from Tracy, CA with their 1950 Chevy 5 window pick up. The "In-Scale" column features Louis Chenot’s 1/6th scale 1932 SJ Duesenberg LaGrande dual-cowl phaeton that is totally scratchbuilt and just amazing to see. Louis spoke with visitors at the Western Engine Model Exhibition held at the GoodGuys West Coast Nationals car show August 26-28, 2011. The show brought in a lot of hot rodders that had not seen the tiny engines before, and Louis’ Duesenberg was a hit as always. The car was displayed with the engine out. Louis ran the engine on Friday and early Saturday. The Shop Tour in this issue was Vern Tardel's Flat Head Ranch!

If you loved our TROG coverage, then you should like our coverage of the Auburn Spring Hillclimb! We take a special look at Hollywood Hot Rod's "Mulholland Speedster" and check out the Sacramento Autorama! The CSRG Dave Love Memorial race at Sonoma Raceway saw great weather and a huge gathering of Formula Fords! We stop at the Unser Racing Museum while on our Route 66 trip. Then a special look at the Goodguy’s All American Get Together WINNER’S CIRCLE!
This issue we take you to two of the biggest and oldest hot rod shows in the country! The Goodguys West Coast Nationals and the Grand National Roadster Show. The GNRS coverage is 14 BIG pages of coverage! While in LA for the GNRS would took our cameras to the Nethercutt Collection in San Sylmar. This is an amazing collection of vintage cars.Our project car gets a new Edelbrock carb! The In-Scale column features Jerry Cardinal's beautifully scratchbuilt brass sprint car. Our cover car/feature car is Don Triolo’s super rare, 1967 Chevy Impala SS 427 convertible.Our Auto Art in this issue is a street mural painted & designed by: Joshua Powell and assisted By: Wythe Bowart & Brent McHugh in downtown Hayward, CA. In this issue of HOT CARS we celibrate "AUTO RACING" and bring you coverage from four of Northern Californias best races: American LeMans Series, Sonoma Historics, NASCAR road course racing, and the NHRA Nats!! The thing to remember about our race coverage is that we're not big on reporting the race results, we want you to "experience" the race through our eyes! Eric and I shoot hundreds of photos at each race and narrow it down to the best photos for you to enjoy! In the Auto Art column we bring you Australian artist Shane Cowham. He not only draws great race cars, he drives one too! But don’t worry, we also have a couple of street rod shows for you to check out as well. Just a little bit north of me is Solano County Fairgrounds where good friend Steve Hinson and I attended the NorCal KnockOut car show. Think, "Billetproof ’, but on a smaller scale. Then on a much bigger scale, the L.A. Roadster Show from Pomona. David Davis has joined the HOT CARS family as a contributing Southern California correspondent. David’s first coverage is the world famous LA Roadster show! I think you’ll agree David has a fantastic eye for shooting cars and we’re looking forward to more coverage from LA! In this issue we take you to some very cool places along Route 66 to show you some of the very interesting cars sitting alongside the road. Then we have tons of racing action from Sonoma Raceway, including: Toyota Save Mart 350, the Historic races (both on and off the track), and then, finally, the NHRA Nationals. Next we have EIGHT pages of pictures from the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed! Really amazing museum!
Special Pebble Beach issue!Historics week on the Monterey peninsula is one of my favorite "working vacation" each year. In this issue our cameras take you to some of the great events that happen all week long! The Gooding & Co. auction is one of biggest, classiest, richest auctions in the US, the cars are amazing. Then Thursday morning we'll take you out onto PCH down by Big Sur as the Concours Tour takes these big buck cars to the beautiful coast highway. Then Saturday it's off to the races at the world famous LaGuna Seca Raceway and the Motorsport Reunion! Top it off with an early morning trip to the 19th hole at Pebble Beach to see some of the WORLD's most amazing classic cars! This expanded issue also includes the the equally famous Goodguys West Coast Nationals, the always fun Race N' Rods car show, Indy Car Racing at Sonoma, and our project car finally gets doors! Our feature car is the Austin Martin Vanguish "Cut-Away" car. In-Scale features Mishko Models. In this issue we cover FOUR BIG SHOWS! The Grand National Roadster Show, The Coronado Festival of Speed, The World Touring Car Championship, and our cover story; The Art of Speed exhibit from the Utah Museum of Modern Art. The GNRS just amazes us every year, and this year's hall of 100 Woodies was really popular with the crowd! David Davis brings us shots from one of SoCal's oldest historic races; The Coronado Festival of Speed--featuring some great vintage race cars! But the feature story is the Art of Speed exhibit. Many of you know Dave Lindsay from his fantastic web site SoCal Car Culture, when I saw Dave's pictures of this great exhibit in Utah I was quick to ask him if we could run them in the new issue of HOT CARS. Dave and I are old friends and he was more then happy to share his photos with our readers. Then we capture a little history of the very first World Touring Car Championship on US soil! Plus we visit Sanderson Headers to see how headers are built. Sanderson supplied the header bits and pieces for our project car BOB. Special "You Gotta' Drive'em!" issue. We take to the streets with the Northern California Reliability Run, Hot Rod Hill Climb, Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance, and the LA Roadster's Show. We begin our Monterey Motor Week coverage with the Classic Car Forums, The Tour, and we take you inside "The Quail"!!
Nostalgia drags from both Northern California, and Southern California as we take our cameras to the Mooneyes Christmas Party in Southern California, and then take a trip back in time to see Tommy Ivo push out his car at Half Moon Bay drag strip! We vist the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, CA. A one of a kind collection of French vintage cars. Peter Mullin's collection features some of the rarest and most interesting cars in the world. Our project car gets tanked! After losing our gas tank mock up to a shop that went out of business, TANKS, Inc. came to the rescue with a pre-fab unit that fit like a glove! Mooneyes sent us an overflow tank for the front of the car. Indy Car test day at Sonoma Raceway proved to be very interesting as we got to interview some of the drivers. Our feature car is a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. We our Rod Shop Tour visits one of favorite Nor Cal shops: Roy Brizio Street Rods who had just won the AMBR award. In-Scale: Mooneyes Dragster.

Woodies on the Wharf in Santa Cruz California has to be seen to be believed! There's always a great gathering of some the best and most unique woodies in the country. Want to see some wheel standing, tire burning some of the best drag photos in the country? Our coverage of the NHRA Division 7 drags & Sonoma Nationals well bring you just that! 2013 Antique Nationals is SoCal Nostalgia Drags at it’s best! 4th Annual Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival celebrated the Corvette’s 60th anniversary at Sonoma Raceway. There were 32 Corvettes in the three hundred and fifty car entry with three winning their race groups! We had great weather at this year's historics. Then we cover the NASCAR Toyota SaveMart 350 that turned out to be a wild race!, Plus we start to wire our project car and show you how to install a hidden sound system in your next project.

“There’s only two road courses on the NASCAR trail of events, Watkin’s Glen and here! The first time I attended a NASCAR event at Sonoma I was blown-away seeing these big stock cars flying through the twisty track at Sonoma...”

We continue our coverage of Motor Week from Monterey with photos from the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and the Motorsport Reunion historic car races. We visit just a few of the great gas stations along Route 66. Then we have a huge selection of NorCal events for you to check out; Billetproof, NorCal KnockOut, Hot Rod Party, and Castro Valley Car Show! Our feature car in this issue is Ron Pfisterers amazing “Sunmad” 1955 Nomad!

Special Historics Week coverage includes the Pebble Beach Tourd'Elegance, Gooding & Co Auction, Motorsports Reunion, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elagance, and special bonus coverage of the Coronado Festival of Speed! As if that isn't enough events coverage for you, we also have the Sonoma Indy Grand Prix!! WOW! Hugo Prado is our feature artist in the Auto Art page, and our feature car is Dave "Big Poppa" Pharr's beautiful 1954 Buick custom!

This is a really great issue. Plus if you're a Historics Week fan, you can order the special "Cars on the Coast No. 2 / Historics Week 2013" pictorial issue (below, right) to go along with this issue. Together they give you the best coverage of this world famous event that you'll ever see!

This issue is jammed with great events coverage! We have the Grand National Roadster Show from Pomona, CA, Once again this year the GNRS was amazing! The special hall of Land Speed Record cars was unbelievable, the Suede Palace was just cool, and the AMBR contenders featured a lot of non-traditional contenders, and the big winner was a little controversial. Then the coolest show in the California; Billetproof! We went back again for Race N' Rods, and attended a new show right over the hill from where I live, the Danville d'Elegance was a great collection of high end cars, old classics, cool muscle cars, and a few surprises! Plus we have art work by Rich Boyd, and the In-Scale column features Revel'sl 1/25 1949 Mercury Wagon. Special feature on the Italiano show from Monterey! If you love Ferraris, Lambos, Etc., then you're going to love this issue! Our centerfold is amazing. Other features include a look at the Cooley brothers historic Fuel Altered, a trip to the Packard museum in Afton, OK, we party at the Mooneyes Christmas party and drag race, we go to a sports car race with a hot rod show in the middle of it, and more...
In this issue we bring you part one of our coverage of the Historic Car Week in Monterey. Our coverage in this issue includes the Thursday tour down the Pacific Coast Highway, Motorsports Reunion & PB Concours! With a special feature on the "Best of Show" winning Ferrari! We celebrate road trips with a trip to SoCal to visit Surf City Garage and the Classic Chevy Show! And we catch up with Faith Granger on her road trip up the coast promoting her movie "Deuce of Spades". Our race coverage includes Ferrari Days and the NHRA Sonoma Nationals! Plus we take a look at two new Hybrid Super Cars! Auto Art artist is Scott Buck. Pebble Beach Part 2, Gooding car action, Motorsport Reunion Race Pics, Sonoma Indy GP, Billetproof, Surf City Garage car show, Doug de Castro Profile, Fremont Drag Strip Art, and much more!! In this issue we have three great events to enjoy: 1) HooptiCon from Sonoma Raceway; a wacky weekend of weird car shows and the 24 Hours of Lemons! 2) The Lonestar Round Up from Texas; Shane Garletts brings us some great photos of vintage hot rods and customs; and 3) The California Mille; Northern California’s best vintage car rally! In addition, we take a look at some very interesting and unique concept cars from last summer’s Motor Week on the Monterey Peninsula, and our project car “BOB” gets all new safety glass installed. Very interesting issue to explore!
Great events coverage in this issue including the world famous Grand National Roadster Show, the Goodguys All American car show, the Nova Nationals and the SCCA Sports Car Nationals! We check out new super cars from TRION and Chip Foose---yes, Chip Foose. Plus we visit the Blackhawk Auto Museum, and more...

In this issue we visit Kindig It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah, check out a gorgeous '48 Chevy built by Unser Close Customs from Henderson, Nevada, full throttle racing action for the TUDOR sports car race at Laguna Seca Raceway, events coverage includes the NorCal KnockOut from Valeijo, California and the Fall Classic in our home town of Castro Valley! Our project car gets more wires, Auto Art features Silver Arrow history, and more...

If you enjoy vintage drag racing, then this is a “must have” issue for you! We have both the Nitro Revival from Monterey, California, and The Race of Gentlemen (TROG), from Wildwood, New Jersey. Two fantastic events, and we have the BEST photos of these two events that you’ll ever see! Next we have coverage from Woodies on the Wharf from Santa Cruz, California and another great Northern California show near the water; the Benicia Classic Car Show! To round things out, we have the Winter Jam drifting competition from Sonoma Raceway.
Special Southern California Shop Tours: Hollywood Hot Rods, Old Crow Speed Shop, and Delmo's Speed Shop! SoCal Spring Nationals. How-tos include Model "A" trunk hinges (on a budget), point less ignition conversion, more wiring for BOB! We have some fantastic eye candy in this issue! If you're into custom Merc's this is a "must have" issue! We do a special feature on the historic Merc's that competed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Then we cover two weekends of drag racing here in Northern California, including some amazing night shots of Friday nights qualifying! Then we have reports on the Gooding & Russo/Steele auctions during Monterey's Car Week. A report about the NEW Petersen museum. In our yearly "special auto racing issue", we bring you some great racing coverage from Sonoma Raceway, and WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca! Coverage from Sonoma includes: NHRA Nationals, Indy Car GP, & NASCAR! While Laguna Seca coverage includes: Motorsports Reunion, Porsche Rennsport & Continental Tire GP! Feature car is Racon's Red Ranchero.
Special Pebble Beach Issue! We take you to the tour on Thursday along Pacific Coast Highway, and onto the 18th green on Sunday. Plus we have the racing action from Laguna Seca on Saturday! Also in this expanded issue: California Hot Rod Reunion, "Billetproof" car show, and TWO Indy Car Champions are crowned in Northern California! In this issue we have some fantastic coverage of the Rennsport Porsche Reuion No. 5 from Laguna Seca Raceway, the Danville Concours d’Elegance, and the grand opening of the NEW Petersen Auto Museum. A rare look at the Sparreholm Collection in Sweden! Feature cars include a Pro Street Datsun 510 and the Moomjean ’32 Roadster. We take you on a “Lincoln Date Night” and more… WOW! What can I say, if you're into vintage hot rods, then this issue is a "must have" issue! We have the Hot Rod Hill Climbs from Colorado, the RPM Nationals from Santa Margarita, CA, The Rattle Trap Revival from Valley Ford, CA, plus coverage from our home town car show. Then we take you on a tour of the National Car Museum in Reno, and our project car "BOB" is finally running and on the streets!
In this issue: The Cobra Experience! Even if you're not a Ford fan, this is a very interesting museum! Grand National Roadster Show, don't miss our coverage of the "Grand Daddy" of all car shows! Dave Pharr builds a show stopper of a wagon for his wife! We visit Moal Coachworks for a behind the scenes look at this world class shop? In this issue we take you to the always fun Rattle Trap Revival in Valley Ford, CA to see some cool hot rods. We visit the Sonoma Historics and check out some great vintage car racing. A few months later we’re back in Sonoma for NASCAR racing. Our project car continues with the Vintage Air insulation in our ‘30 Coupe. Then 14 pages of the GREAT RACE!! Including a gorgeous Auburn in our very special centerfold. The 2018 RPM Nationals was an amazing event that brought together dozens of some of the best historic, vintage drag cars in the country! Our 48 page pictorial is the next best thing to being there!
TEN PAGES of TROG coverage! Our coverage of Monterey Motor Week continues; Gooding & Co. Auction, Spanish Bay seminars, Motorsport Reunion! Cars & Coffee Blackhawk! Race N' Rods! We check out the World Challenge sports car series. Auto Art by Al Dimauro! The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) can best be described as a 1930's or 40's re-enactment of that eras drag race on a ocean beach. If you attended TROG: PISMO, you want this very special pictorial to relive the weekend. If you have always wanted to attend a TROG event, you need this issue. 58 pages of fantastic photos, fantastic cars, fantastic action,NO ADS! Monterey Motorweek! Including: Exotics on Cannery Row, Carmel Mission Classic, Pebble Beach Concours & Tour! We'll visit the SF Auto Show, update you on our project car BOB, plus we show you how to install LED lights to your car!
We have an interesting variety of shows in this issue: The SF International Auto Show, The "Little Car Show" from Pacific Grove, and the Rock N' Bowl farewell car show. We go to Indy Car testing at Laguna Seca, and say farewell to BOB, our project car. But the best thing is our cover story; TEN PAGES of TROG Santa Barbara vintage races & Custom's by the Sea car show! The Race of Gentlemen held in Santa Barbara saw great drag racing on the streets of the seaside town! If you missed it, don't worry, we've got 48 pages of coverage right here! We'll show you the action in the pits, and on the track! Some of the coolest Vintage Hot Rods & Motorcycles! Plus we bring you the "Custom's by the Sea" car show held in conjunction with the TROG race. The Pits! The Drags! The Motorcycles! The Sleds! We got it all! SPECIAL TWO SIDED PULL OUT CENTERFOLD!! WOW! We have some fantastic spring events coverage in this issue! Starting with our special coverage of the American Graffiti Night cruise in Modesto! Then some great Nor Cal shows; Castro Valley Car Show, Black Hawk Father's Day Car Show, Woodies on the Wharf! Our auto racing coverage includes the inaugural Sonoma Speed Festival! Last but not least is our coverage of the Toyota / Save Mart 350 NASCAR race. Great cars & great photography!
HOT ROD HILL CLIMB; fun in the Colorado Rockies!. RPM NATIONALS: Flat Head vintage drags at its best! BILLETPROOF: No "big buck" cars allowed! HOT WHEELS LEGENDS TOUR: A show you need to know about! SPANISH BAY RESORT EXOTICS: Up close with big buck cars for free! NOSTALGIA DAYS: A premiere NorCal gathering! ALL IN THIS ONE ISSUE!!! In this issue we introduce our new project car! A 1968 Chevy El Camino! Lots of great A-body tips and how-tos coming! We check out two more events from last summers Monterey Motorweek; The Gooding & Company auction, and The Legends of Autobahn car show! Race coverage includes the California 8 Hours endurance race, and Indy cars return to WeatherTech Raceway! Car show includes the Goodguys Fall Get-Together and a look back at Blackhawks Cars N' Coffee.